Who the F@CK is JIMMY CHOO?

Let me just start by saying, that I love and adore shoes, Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Miu miu, prada, and of course Dior, and secondly that I have mountains of respect for the Jimmy Choo brand, and I’m sure he’s also a very nice guy.

Never before 2008 where all these beauties so close, but yet so far, in the beginning of the year for the first time in Cape Town, Jimmy choo opened shop in the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront mall.

The first time I walked past the shop (sorry… shrine of brilliance) I had memories from sex in the city flashing through my head, I saw choo’s in real life, for me, it was like a national geographic special of shoes in their natural habitat. Yet I felt no need to torture myself, knowing that one pair is as much as 3 months of my salary, so I walked on by, still nursing within me the dream of choo, “one day you will be mine…”

For about two months I had my curiosity chewing at me like a ugly dog, “Just one pair, trying them doesn’t mean buying them, keep the dream alive, set a goal” And so, after having braved Louis Vuitton one rainy afternoon, I finally felt I could face the god of shoes.

Before I continue, I have to mention that I was dressed more smartly than I usually am when I go to the waterfront because I had come from an interview.

Okay, so there I am, I walk in and… I am greeted by a very beautiful shop assistant, “Good afternoon miss, could I assist you in any way?”,  “hee hee, miss.” i think, “and yes I want to try those in a size 6 please.” oh my god I said it aloud! I almost wanted to close my eyes and wait for a loud noise of rejection, but it never came.

Ten minutes later, myself and a fellow shopper (whom I do not know from a bar of soap) are sipping cuppa-chinos and paging through a catalogue together, the nice stranger told me she was getting married in December and wanted a specific pair she saw on her last trip to London, fortunately they could order them for her. (All the while, all I can think is, wow so this is how rich people get sucked up to on a regular basis, awesome. I’ve never even received post from overseas, never mind ordered shoes.)

Eventually the afternoon draws to a close, and after about a hour of dedicated worship I sadly leave the fabled shrine of Choo.

The next day, armed with a new found familiarity, I decide to drag my mom to go and see the most beautiful pairs of shoes in the world, reluctantly, she lets herself be dragged.

I enthusiastically march into the shop, all my fears of rejection completely forgotten. The same shop assistant, looks away when I greet her like a new friend. “weird, maybe she didn’t hear me” I think, and greet her again, a little louder. Suddenly, she had a look on her face like the giant slab of blue cheese had escaped from the restaurant a few shops down.

Still, not deterred, I enquire after a specific shoe I tried on the previous day, again in a size six. So she puts on her best faux disappointed face and croons “ah no sweetie, we just sold the last pair!” (don’t call me sweetie, do I look like a sweetie?!) Then I ask if I could look at the catalogue and show my mom what they look like in there, so she goes “sorry, we don’t have a catalogue”

needless to say, after that the shrine looked like a Muslim place of worship, after the Spanish inquisition. I had a small tantrum, nothing Hiroshima like, more like the fat man.

My every girls fantasy, the fabled glittering shrine of Jimmy Choo, years of careful brand building by clever clever marketing people, all destroyed in the matter of half an hour, by some spawn of Satan, cow (who herself doesn’t even own a pair of jimmy’s – she told me the day before.)

The whole ordeal left me feeling a bit like Oprah after they were mean to her at Fendi, except I’m not Oprah, and I can’t see anyone from Jimmy Choo, let alone Jimmy himself offering me an olive branch on national TV, oh and priceless merchandise.

So I have a new god, Louboutin, and so far we have a great realationship, I’ve tried them on twice!

Summer in Cape town



No it is not a far fetched story like the tooth fairy, but Cape Town’s weather did go a bit Chronicles of narnia on us, winter has been going on for what feels like a lifetime. Seriously, rain in November, wind? a storm? it’s unheard of, until now.

But it seems like today we are finally getting a glimse of the summer we all know and love. You see the models walking around town, dressed all hip and bohemian like with their books, probably on their way to a casting. Film crews lining the already crowded streets of campsbay with their big yellow kempston trucks. Not a breath of wind. Bliss.

I think I’ll head off to Camps bay beach a little later on, go and stick my toes in the warm sand, go for a well deserved swim in the icy cold Atlantic.

With the thought of the beach, bikinis come to mind. I went bikini shopping earlier this week and found the most… er… interesting, choices. I discovered a dark turquoise Brazilian number, that needless to say, does not have enough material to really qualify as a bikini, its a different species really. Lets just say, you want it covered, not going to work. “Nice to tan in though, and why not? ” I thought then, so yes I now own a bra-kini, after all Brazilian girls have bigger bums than most south African women, so it should cover more on me than it was designed to.

But there are some seriously good stuff this season, just have a squiz at the South African Sports Illustrated swim wear addition 2008, awesome bikinis! Awesome location!

But sticking to cape town, summer also brings frivilous fabulous parties, jazz at blues and gold fish at la med every Sunday. Oh and also more that half of Johannes burg’s population.

This is the most super duper, amazing, yeay, wow time of the year.

Wish you were here, and I’m sure you do too!

iBangle Jangle


I heard about it on 5fm (Sa radio station) and I found a picture of it on another persons blog, so no I’m not the first to know, but I just wanted to mention that I LOVE it.

I am one of those unfortunates who suffer from i pod-less-ness, and for once I’m glad, cause I don’t mind waiting for this stunning piece of girl friendly contraption!

I’m no tec boffin, but I just wonder if one will be able to run with it, seeing as with some i pod’s you can’t (something to do with the video stability spring thingies) then I suppose I’ve just answered my own question, I don’t think it has video.

Now the only other thing to wonder about is when it will reach South African shores. I can’t wait! I hope it comes in different colours!



A sample of Humility

This morning in the bath, to my shock HORROR, I realized that I have managed to yet again plough through yet another bottle of overpriced (the only thing that really works) shampoo.

I am a brat, always have been, always will be. (it’s not a good thing, its just the truth) In the not so distant past my family went through what can be described as a personal financial recession (love that word, everyone is using it so I am too even if it doesn’t quite work here), so luxuries (to me necessities) such as dermalogica “special cleansing gel”, joico shampoo, pedicures, and (my best) eating at foodie hangouts was a bit out of reach, a fantasy if you will. Actually more like a distant memory of my teen years.

But i survived, pantene and all, and can now straighten my own hair, and paint other people’s nails, still not my own, but above all and most importantly, I have become a bonafide scavenger.

I am the person who asks for samples, I’m super crafty, here are just a couple of the tricks i know work because I invented them! boo yah! You go : “Oh, Yeah I’m really interested in this product, but my skin is just so sensitive I have like 6 different moisturisers at home and they all made me break out, so could you give me enough for a couple of days, just to make sure I don’t have a delayed reaction.” *smile coyly*

or another favorite for perfume : “Could I possibly buy a few samples from you, I use them for my lingerie drawer, and I think the house keeper has nicked them?” The sweet ladies behind the counter never make you pay, and you are guaranteed to get at least 3 different ones.

Now these tactics also work at ice cream shops, specially if there is a guy working behind the counter.

The one place scavenging never works is at a bar, or the pharmacy (different kind of scavenging, elude the doctor kind of thing, because seriously who has R250.00 to give some dude, to tell you what you already know see you for 15 minutes and bam! I’ve been sick enough times to identify when i need antibiotics for the flu, seriously.)

When I saw the film “friends with money”, I it warmed up a place in my heart, knowing that there are more of me out there – Jennifer Aniston’s character. (you have to see it if you haven’t)

But the point that I’m slowly getting to, is not that there are still enough sweet stupid people in the world to give you free stuff when you are seriously down and out, but that at some point during the times we are in more people are going to have to learn to suck it up, learn humility, be at some stranger’s mercy for a slice of their own dignity.

You are going to have to learn to ask for stuff that you can’t afford, help you can’t repay ,and you too are going to be asked by friends, neighbors and strangers. Many people see this as a world crisis, and in terms of money it is, no doubt, but for the human spirit there can be no better test of endurance than the lack of means, people band together, women remember why they love their husbands, and children grow up regarding their parents as hero’s even if they didn’t have all the things the other kids did.

I used to embarrass my mom so badly  when it happened to us the first time round, back in the 80’s clinging of to the “my little pony” dress in Woolworths, for dear life, as I believed then, that what I can touch is automatically mine, but things had changed, and both my mom and myself would sit in the car on the ride home, eyes red and swollen from crying, and her evidently more battle worn that I (I used to bite back then too).

The best thing in life is to take a step back, listen, learn and ask for help, be confident, because you are still a person, money maketh not the man (or woman), and when your ship does come in, remember those days and nights, working, stumbling, and running. Stay humble, and be that humble person that once asked for help, and now has the means to give.

(Also from a movie) The road to hell is paved with good intentions. The road back, with humility.

Back to the empty shampoo, which I can now afford. Yes I will go to the shops tomorrow and go buy the overpriced shampoo, but don’t for one second think I’ll walk out of there without a free sample of something, or a 5 % discount at the very least. I try to stay humble, but the scavenger bit is going to take some work to get rid of.

Cleverer me.

Although it was very nice of wordpress to announce my birth for me, I thought it would be only right to do it myself, now forgive me, because I’m still figuring out how all my new flippers work, so there might be a few (actually a couple) of worms in my proverbial wood work.

How super fun is this?! It’s quite weird… feels like I’m talking to myself, not that that’s new.

So I think I have me covered in the “about me” section, well not completely I’m sure there is something hanging out, hee hee!

It feels like I’m in a big empty house, and i have the space all to myself and i’m playing echo… echo…echo…

Now i have been told that on the whole blog thing you are supposed to write all the things you wouldn’t say and be all the things you really are, but just cant be in real life, now im not too sure i’ll be living up to the suppressed standard, but I can promise you, i will always be honest with you (ha ha obama rama – loved that speech man)

so this is the living room, and through that door is the kitchen. or something like that, and so starts the virtual tour of me in writing. who knows who will find me, or what i’ll find. yeay!