Cleverer me.

Although it was very nice of wordpress to announce my birth for me, I thought it would be only right to do it myself, now forgive me, because I’m still figuring out how all my new flippers work, so there might be a few (actually a couple) of worms in my proverbial wood work.

How super fun is this?! It’s quite weird… feels like I’m talking to myself, not that that’s new.

So I think I have me covered in the “about me” section, well not completely I’m sure there is something hanging out, hee hee!

It feels like I’m in a big empty house, and i have the space all to myself and i’m playing echo… echo…echo…

Now i have been told that on the whole blog thing you are supposed to write all the things you wouldn’t say and be all the things you really are, but just cant be in real life, now im not too sure i’ll be living up to the suppressed standard, but I can promise you, i will always be honest with you (ha ha obama rama – loved that speech man)

so this is the living room, and through that door is the kitchen. or something like that, and so starts the virtual tour of me in writing. who knows who will find me, or what i’ll find. yeay!

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About flickery

I'm a morning person, love tea, love my dogs, fresh air and lots of space. I don't get angry very easily, but I stay angry for a long time when I do. I take everything personally, as I am a person. I like to think and listen to other people, I need to know about things. I love and wine, my friends, and food. The weirdness of me. I love shoes. Reading is good, smoking is not, but I enjoy both. I wish I was a warm summer day with thunderstorms and soft rain that makes the air cling to your skin. I like kissing, ice cream, and chilli'S. I love to play pretend, dance and sing to 80's music, and imagine I can play a sport and own a yaght. the end-ish. just a little.

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