The Kove Camps bay part 1

eatingAfter receiving a flood of feedback on my post the Christmas tsunami in Cape Town, I have decided it is time to try out The Kove Restaurant in Camps bay, after it’s vague mention in my said post a couple of peeps have wanted to know what its like, and if it’s any good.

The well salted, novice restaurant critic that I am, I am going to satisfy the requests of the people, and go test drive this buggy.

I have just made the reservation for 8pm on Tuesday night, 13 January. So far so good, I even got asked if I prefer a specific table, nifty. I will keep you up to date from the “talent” of the waiters, to the starters, to the deserts, right up to paying the bill.

I just love a little dinner escapade, watch this space!

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I'm a morning person, love tea, love my dogs, fresh air and lots of space. I don't get angry very easily, but I stay angry for a long time when I do. I take everything personally, as I am a person. I like to think and listen to other people, I need to know about things. I love and wine, my friends, and food. The weirdness of me. I love shoes. Reading is good, smoking is not, but I enjoy both. I wish I was a warm summer day with thunderstorms and soft rain that makes the air cling to your skin. I like kissing, ice cream, and chilli'S. I love to play pretend, dance and sing to 80's music, and imagine I can play a sport and own a yaght. the end-ish. just a little.

2 thoughts on “The Kove Camps bay part 1

  1. Nice one Celest. Barely anyone is filling the restaurant review blogging niche in our country.

    Make it count šŸ˜‰ and do more of them. Perfect for tourists who are curious before they get here.

  2. Can’t wait to see your review. I’ve walked past the Kove a number of times since it opened, and have been meaning to try it out, so now can get an idea of whether it’s worth a booking.

    (ps: when you click on my name, you’ll see Vida yesterday in Camps Bay)

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