The Grand daddy trailer park

After a brilliant dinner at Royale (only the best burger joint in the southern hemisphere), myself and my com-padres decided to go check out Daddy cool (previously M bar), little did we know what we would find.

Imagine, bright and shiny silver trailers, that look like over sized toasters. Well lit wooden walkways. Little American style post boxes, with the cutesy little red flags, and funny little names to match, like “Dorothy”, “Three little bears”, “Lace” and “Yoko and John”.

Grand daddy trailer park

Grand daddy trailer park

No, not another one of my trippy dreams that I have experienced as of late, but a hotel. I shit you not, a bloody hotel on the roof of a building in long street in Cape Town. This place, this strange and wonderful place is just amazing, there are a number of trailers, like on a movie set, that you can rent like a hotel room and actually stay there, sleep there in a themed trailer.

I saw the interior of three of them, first we looked at “Dorothy”, straight out of a surreal dream of some sort, baby blue and white polka dots cover every surface of the interior, a fruit bowl and fruit – blue polka dots, the phone, the toilet, the bath, the bed, the whole toot! Then under the bathroom sink, right where you would expect them to be, the ruby slippers.

“The three little bears” trailer was also just plain creative, three of everything, and then my absolute favorite, wait for it, Goldie locks’ head mounted on the wall, yes a little scary if you have to sleep there, but just completely genius!

Ooooh and then the “Lace” one, not as funny as the previous two, but so disgustingly porno, myself and two of my friends walked in and the first thing Dave said was “This is such a good place to…” and we just all packed out laughing (and I thought I had the one track mind). It is a miniature boudoir, pillows and bras and pearls and just odd and strange little details everywhere.

With such attention to detail, and then on top of that they are all equipped with little flat screen TVs, a facility to make tea and coffee, and even a full on bathroom with a toilet and bath shower (given everything is miniature) I left thinking, you have got to be kidding me, I’m dying to check into this place with a couple of my friends for my birthday, what a hoot!

Go check it out

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