The J&B MET 2009

The Best Met

The Best Met

Wearing a hot pink Marion and Lindy dress teamed with patent leather black heels, I felt just not shiny enough for this years J&B met.

If I had to spin round and around on the day, it would have felt like I was in a glittered snow Globe. Glitz and Jewels were the order of the day at this years met. Not having a date this year, I was mostly walking about, betting and drinking (God it sounds more like a western than anything else).

Until I discovered the J&B hospitality tent that is. And that, is where the party started! Like a cool oasis it was glittering in the distance, a 7ft disco ball at the entrance, any place that has a 7 ft disco ball at the entrance is bound to be promising.

The only slight, teensy tiny problem was the huge ginormous bouncer (reminiscent of Chocolate from Moulin Rouge) standing next to 7ft disco ball, almost making the disco ball look of normal size. Being the daring dame that I am, I was not deterred, no I didn’t have the golden ticket, but I would have been damned to miss out on the real party. So I decided to try my luck. I marched up to the entrance and tried to walk in as if I had already been there and I “lost” my glittery hospital bangle.

Chocolate was wise to my deception though, and I was denied access. Boo!

But still my dutch courage and shameful desire to eat free sushi was not dampened, and the old people who leave the party early became my next victims. But that didn’t really go down too well, the opening phrase “You guys are going home now right?” was not the best pitch.

Eventually by some shining miracle my crafty friends managed to smuggle out two bracelets in the underwear of a very hot, paid stranger’s underwear, yes I would like to thank my friends, not only for the entrance but for the method of delivery.

We were finally in and ready to party, the tent didn’t stop spurting out best surprise after best surprise! From my foot massage on entry (my feet love you J&B) while being fed strawberry pavlova, to the “whatever you want to drink” on tap, to a Sisley Facial and rubbing shoulders with some seriously sexy people! It was the best met of my life!

I lost almost all my cash on the horses, but seeing as I found the free sushi,pizza, drinks, massages and um… entertainment, it was just all good! Just a tiny mention to the Good hope FM hospitality area, who took in tired strangers with open arms, and gave them water, biltong, cup cakes and grapetiser, you guys rock!

The night drew to a close at the races, with myself and a friend manning the concierge booth with headsets on, if you are one of the unfortunate strangers who fell for the “You can pay us for your parking here” bit, we really are sorry. Just know your money went to a good cause, helping hard working barmen at Chevele, where we went to continue our debaucherous party.

Party crashers

Party crashers

Ah… I love the met, I’m already planning my outfit for next year.

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