Balkanology magic

Run walking down the street in a dodgy part of town, it’s raining hard and the wind is whipping at my face. I can hear the faint sound of a trumpet and I smell spices of some kind mixed with the rain. As I get closer to the Albert hall, the music becomes clearer, like seeing a car approach in the fog.  An odd looking couple stumbles past me, strangled in a laughing embrace.

I reach the entrance, steamy smoke billows from the door, I pay the cover charge to a big bouncer reminiscent of chocolate from Moulin Rouge. The way inside is a maze of red ad cage and Gypsies filling past.

Then once inside the sweet smell of weed and incense gently tickles my nose, the music is loud and the crowd is a colourful mess of beautiful girls and dirty attractive men. Then something magical seems to happen, the music is absolutely hypnotic, all reservations all preconceptions simply forgotten, and automatically I start dancing like it’s the most natural thing ever, the music puts my body at ease and movement comes without thought. I am convinced this is the natural condition of the human body, this is happiness, peace.

I have never had as much fun as I did that night, crazy balkan beats, I am addicted.

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About flickery

I'm a morning person, love tea, love my dogs, fresh air and lots of space. I don't get angry very easily, but I stay angry for a long time when I do. I take everything personally, as I am a person. I like to think and listen to other people, I need to know about things. I love and wine, my friends, and food. The weirdness of me. I love shoes. Reading is good, smoking is not, but I enjoy both. I wish I was a warm summer day with thunderstorms and soft rain that makes the air cling to your skin. I like kissing, ice cream, and chilli'S. I love to play pretend, dance and sing to 80's music, and imagine I can play a sport and own a yaght. the end-ish. just a little.

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