The hit miss theory

“The Guide says that there is an art to flying,” said Ford, “or rather a knack. The knack lies in learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.”
Douglas Adams

This quote got me thinking… “throw yourself at the ground and miss”…. right. So flying would be tricking yourself into thinking you are okay with it if you hit the ground, but you are going to make a concerted effort to miss, because if one was not accepting of the idea that this whole “hitting the ground” vibe might very well happen, it is fair to say that “flying ” would not be considered in the first place.

Let me clarify, because I’m even confusing myself now. If you want to experience something and live, you need to take a risk, I believe there is no such thing as a calculated risk, because if you could truly calculate it, it wouldn’t be a risk. There are of course ways of bettering you chances, for instance, I recon you should never  swim in the ocean alone, or walk down a dark alley in Salt River alone, because if there’s more than one person, perhaps someone else will be eaten or stabbed or whatever. So yes, safety in numbers.

But alas, there are simply some things one cannot attend in groups. Falling in love, going overseas, leaving home, eating a BP pie… They are individual things.

Now how do you convince yourself that you will be okay with, oh lets say, breaking your heart, becoming a drug mule, losing your way, or having food poisoning. What, you convince yourself they payout will be worth it, you will be stronger and wiser if it doesn’t work out, you’ll lose 5kg’s in two days… I suppose it’s  not that difficult to convince yourself to leap off a cliff, and honestly, lately I personally have decided to not pay much attention to the consequences, to just close my eyes and hope for the best, and while I have the wind whipping past my face, and I can feel the fall, I just hope to god that if I do wipe out, that I won’t live to tell the tale.

What goes up must come down, they say. Fuck they by the way, if they didn’t say all those retarded things, it probably wouldn’t have to work that way. In any event, it stands to reason then, that what hits, must also miss. Now there is something to think about, you just want to synchronize your hit miss pattern in such a way that you miss the ground when it’s love, and you hit when it’s food poisoning, that way you will be in a reciprocated loving grownup relationship and lose 5kg’s, bonus.

So without the risk, there be no reward, and perhaps without having your heart-broken, you would never have had the courage to eat the PB pie after too much Patrone, causing you to lose 5kg’s, which in turn got you spotted by a model scout at the pharmacy which lead to you going overseas and once there getting lost and being found again by a lover who would cradle your heart, that is until you eat some dodgy over seas pies, gain a couple of pounds and he dumps your ass…. chance… ha! You have to try or you’ll never know.