If I were a BALENCIAGA handbag

If I were I Balenciaga handbag, I would still be nice to lesser handbags. I would hang on my masteress’ shoulder and faithfully carry her things. I would be filled with Woolies slips, Chanel gloss, pens, paper and loose change. I would sit on the kitchen counter when my carrier went home. I would be happy and soft and I would never be misplaced, for such is the fate of a beautiful Balenciaga bag. Amen.

http://www.balenciaga.com/us/en/balenciaga/Women/Handbags/ShoulderBags.aspx#Giant day/media/8030642681

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About flickery

I'm a morning person, love tea, love my dogs, fresh air and lots of space. I don't get angry very easily, but I stay angry for a long time when I do. I take everything personally, as I am a person. I like to think and listen to other people, I need to know about things. I love and wine, my friends, and food. The weirdness of me. I love shoes. Reading is good, smoking is not, but I enjoy both. I wish I was a warm summer day with thunderstorms and soft rain that makes the air cling to your skin. I like kissing, ice cream, and chilli'S. I love to play pretend, dance and sing to 80's music, and imagine I can play a sport and own a yaght. the end-ish. just a little.

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