Faux CT Summer

Days like these

Today is just one of those days in Cape Town… it’s not summer, but all the same you risk catching a condition known as a “tropical contact high”. The tourists are out in Camps Bay, and they are all over that beach front like a bad (light pink) rash… It reminds me so of lazy summer days.

However all I have to do, is look down at my manicured paws on the keyboard in front of me, and I am instantly reminded that it is in fact not summer. It is, what I like to call confussed. (And just as a note, there is nothing wrong with my hands, they are simply pale… the tell-tale, white ring around my other ring finger has become invisible.)

The world cup has not brought nearly as many visitors as we or “they” expected, and I have heard “them” say that we are at an unfair disadvantage, hosting this world cup as it is sadly post recession.

I wonder, as one does, if it would have turned out differently in any event. It is a far way to travel, and foreigners are ignorant to the actual conditions of crime and politics in our fair country. People are afraid of deep dark Africa, plus unless one hails from the States, one would be privy to the fact that it is winter in South Africa – and who wants to leave summer for winter – for men running around kicking a ball. Honestly.

I went for a nice little drive yesterday after work, to absorb the last shimmers of sunlight over the deep blue. As I sat there on Llandudno Beach it occurred to me, as it so often does when I’m sitting there, plugged into my bright pink iPod sucking on a Marlboro light, I live in one of the most stunning places in the universe, I may not be making 50K a month, I might not drive a Ferrari-Porche (special variety) and I do not yet own a pair of Louboutins.

But I can drive a half hour in any direction and have almost any landscape imaginable as my view, the food, the sunsets, the calm sea, thunder over the ocean at night, the rock, the tree, Balkanology, wine, Llandudno, Caprice, Olympia Sundays, plus… all my friends live here.

All in all, the city of love and dreams does feel a little warmer with all the extra souls moving about. Could it  be the drone of extra voices, causing all the good vibrations, the increased bodies creating more heat… Ah, I don’t know. But this surely is a winter to remember in Cape Town.