The Risotto of Dreams

I have cooked this Risotto many many times, I can do it with my eyes closed. It is fantastic to cook this socially. Many many nights have passed in my Kitchen with all of the girls sitting on counter tops playing cards and drinking wine, while we take turns to stir the risotto of dreams talking about our loves and lives.

You need:

Proper Risotto Rice (Arborio) I know it’s tempting, but don’t buy the cheap stuff. 2 – 4 Packets of mushrooms… Get all kinds of weird ones, because it makes the texture yummy.
Find a bottle of white wine – don’t cook with wine you wouldn’t drink.
Then you need stock – vegetable or chicken (I prefer the chicken)
You need one or two onions, some garlic (yes SOME, you can decide how much but SOME)
A little bit of fresh Chilli
Creme fraice / Mascarpone
Olive oil, tiny bit of truffle oil if you have. (Or even truffle shavings if you can get your hands on some)

Okay so first things first – Pour yourself a nice big glass of wine and put on some 80’s music.

You have to make this in a large deep pot, with a big surface area, because you will be doing lots of stirring. You start by chopping the onions very finely, fry that up in a bit of olive oil… crush some garlic (one or two cloves) and add that – watch the garlic, it burns quickly.

Then you want to start the risotto… however much you are making (look on the back of the box)

Start adding it to the Onions and garlic… Sprinkle it over evenly and stir… add add add until all the grains have come into contact with the oil.

Slowly start adding your stock… if you have cooked risotto before  you know the drill. Pour a cup of stock, and stir it in until it’s gone, repeat until all the stock is used. You can never use too much stock, don’t be scarred it is supposed to take this long. You need at least two hours for this whole story, so make some time – don’t rush it.

In a separate pan you want to start frying up the shrooms in some butter (very little butter) tiny bit of truffle oil and olive oil – once that is done just keep it until the risotto is almost cooked. Add the mushrooms towards the end.

You will need to use almost a bottle of wine – the longer it cooks the better.
At the very end when it looks like it’s done, add the Creme fraice… if you want, you can add some Parmesan shavings to make it sticky and thick.

The rest of the Chilli’s you can keep aside, yum yum… chop them up and put them in some olive oil with little bit of salt and a little bit of sugar – keep them in the fridge over night.

And if you struggle with any of this – mail me. I’ll talk you through the parts that I may have left out, but I think I have everything down…

Oh no, wait, you also need some fresh rocket – just to serve, but it makes it very yummy.

Hope it turns out like a dream!

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