Winter is coming to Cape Town…

Winter is coming to Cape Town…

This may be slightly premature, but the rainy weather in the city today has made me realise that we are stepping closer to winter in Cape Town every day. It has been an interesting summer. I didn’t spend half as much time on the beach as I usually do. This is evident in that my “tan” has already started fading, and my summer glow is almost gone.

Nights are getting colder, the sun is setting slightly, but noticeably earlier. Another way of telling that winter is surely en route is by the migration of all who can afford to travel to warmer places. My friends have all (every single one of them) decided to go overseas this winter, I have New York, Spain, Vietnam, Turkey and Bali on the travel list of places to research slightly so I know where my buddies are hanging out, so I can “travel” with them.

I love hearing about all the adventures, or misadventures, shopping and restaurants, and I will be along for the ride inside a Black Berry or/and an Ipad or whatever, while cozy-ing it up in Cape Town. I am so looking forward to road trips to Hermanus, wine tasting in Stellenbosch and some serious yummy comfort food in Franschhoek.

For me, winter is a time to quiet down and reflect, review my goals and do some serious introspection. I am hoping to take up Hot Vinyassa at Jai and learn to cook Thai food… and then there is the French, I have been threatening to learn French for the past two years and have just never gotten around to it, now I just need to find a patient peep from France to sit down and teach moi.

Welcome to the club…

Welcome to the club… So last night I was at a party, standing about with a glass of wine, as one does chatting about men and women, wrinkles and fillers, cycling and models. We were on to a chat about gentlemen’s clubs with separate entrances for women… One of the fellas involved in this conversation, noted that “women don’t really have that kind of thing, do they?” Just to clarify – I am not referring to a sleazy strip club vibe (Not that there isn’t a time and place for those – like my 26th birthday last year… for another time) I am talking about a gentlemen’s club as in an old boys club of sorts where men can go and be without women, talk about cigars and cars and playstation and women and horses.

The definition for this I stole from Wikipedia – “A gentlemen’s club is a members-only private club of a type originally set up by and for English upper class men in the eighteenth century, and popularised by English upper-middle class men and women in the late nineteenth century. Today, some are more open about the gender and social status of members. Many countries outside the United Kingdom have prominent gentlemen’s clubs.” Supposedly we have some existing gentlemen’s clubs in Cape Town, which I have never even heard of (Probably because I’m not a man)… The Cape Town Club and the Owl Club, however as far as I know there are no such equivalents for ladies in Cape Town… The only thing that’s exclusive to us is f- ing ladies only gym memberships…

This brings me to the next best, closest thing I could find… and no it’s not a self arranged wine I mean, book – club. It is a shop, yes you could have guessed that women would place a membership on something like a clothing store. But this is not just any old shop, it’s not in a mall, and you can’t just go there and browse… Oh no friends… you need a golden ticket, well a plastic silver card actually, and to get a pretty silver card… you need to be invited – or you can beg by means of application. I was lucky enough to attend the first opening… but not the second, which was widely blogged about and everyone who went made a whole big thing about it and at the time, I had no idea that this whole story was by invitation only – the shopping bit I mean.

All right… I have been keeping you in suspense for long enough. This members-only fashion shrine is called “The only one” House of Fashion – The name is a little “Sally-Spectra/Foresters-Creations” sounding, but thankfully the atmosphere inside has nothing to do with soaps, drama yes but no soap. There are beautiful pieces, gorgeous dresses, and the best part about this whole private members only dress shop is that every outfit you pick, gets tailored to fit your body like a glove, and as if it couldn’t get any better – there is only one of every item.

So as per their website, this is what this card gets you:

 Private one on one pre booked shopping sessions with the Only One fashion stylist. However on the odd occasion when a member needs that emergency number the Only One fashion stylist is a call away.

 Each member receives a private pin code to log onto the Only One website for private reviews of the ranges.

 Members will also receive invitations on occasion to come in and view new ranges.

 The club also has a fashion stylist that will assist the member in the garment selections they make.

I have just completed my application form… Will let you know if it’s all it’s cracked up to be.