Yeah okay… I’m mildly interested in the Royal Wedding.

There is a great big buzz surrounding the upcoming Royal wedding, I have seen some pretty funny adds, my favourite one is from T – Mobile, so hilarious. In the advert they use a pretty standard wedding dress, and that got me thinking about the actual dress. Will Kate go with a massive over the top vibe, or will she tone it down? Will she pick a big white puffy dress or perhaps a short dress…?

What we do know:

Kate has picked a little known designer Sophie Cranston of Libélula.

Sophie Cranston has worked with Alexander McQueen.

Libélula means Dragonfly in Spanish.

Sophie Cranston’s designs draw from flamenco-influenced dresses.

Flamenco dresses were traditionally worn by peasant women married to livestock dealers. These women were mostly gypsies and they were poor.

Prince William and Kate Middleton have agreed to have their wedding put on YouTube and will take their vows in front of millions of on line viewers when their wedding is streamed live. The whole thing will last about four hours including the church service, the procession and their first kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. Personally I think this is a bit odd, but hey… not my wedding.

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