My very own time Machine

We all have certain things that move us. For me sounds, music in particular and smells are two things that have the ability to transport me to a vivid memory at the speed of light. The smell of Aqua di gio for men, the sound of Blue Spanish eyes by Al Martino, Chanel No 5, and strangers in the night…

Clair de lune by Debussy brings back a flood of memories, and I came across this great video that has a very calming effect while you are running backwards through years of your life. It’s just beautiful, enjoy.

The McConaughey debate

Now, as with many delicious things, the name is hard to pronounce and people say it in different ways, there is the way I say it “Mac-con-nah- hay” (The right way) or the way my misguided friend says it “mac-gonna -hey” or you also get  “me-gonna -hue” and “Mac-coughney-hey” (The worst by far).  But as the saying goes, a rose by any (other) name would smell as sweet.

I watched the Lincoln Lawyer last night, our Matthew’s latest movie. He plays the role of a defence lawyer on a mission, his gangster lawyer swagger makes him sexy, but the movie has more to offer than just his pretty face… The plot is interesting and even old Ryan Phillippe (Whom I will admit I wanted to marry when I was 16, all because of cruel intentions) plays his part very well, and I for one hope to see him in more films in the future, kinda missed him… He is like the guy from Shakespeare in Love…. man, come on, his name was…. Joseph Fiennes.

However, I have digressed; we are talking about Matthew now. He has an excellent build, he really does have a nice body, and he does lots of sports so I assume he is naturally fit. While watching the film it occurred to me that he does not however have a generically handsome face, he has a rather odd mouth, but a gorgeous smile.

Upon closer inspection, he doesn’t have a specific facial feature that stands out, but it is the combination of his skin tone, nose and mouth, and his brow that make him perfect-looking.

My view has been strongly opposed by some of my friends, who simply think that he is nothing special, I must however point out that one of these girls think the Pete Doherty and Mick Jagger are to die for. Others prefer the more classic boring looking boys like Freddie Prince Jr or Michael Owen or Ronaldo… Myself I am more of a Johnny Depp kind of girl, and ashamed to admit perhaps even Nate or Chuck Bass. (But that’s because of the outfits in Gossip Girl)

Whatever your view is on Mr McConaughey’s physical appearance, no one can argue the fact that he has a feel-good factor going for him. He seems like a nice guy and he makes great romantic comedies and is very well paired with the beautiful Kate Hudson, my personal favourite with the two of them is Fool’s gold however how to lose a guy a 10 days was also very cute.

All in all I think he is pretty cute, then again, I think Jude Law is sexy, so who am I to judge (apparently)…

Check out the Trailer for Lincoln Lawyer

Fabulouser and Fabulouser – Petticoat Parlour

There is a new spot in town, just for us girls… think 50’s soda shop slash 80’s nail bar slash high tech beauty parlour then add some candy floss and champagne with a pinch of luxury beauty product and voila, you have The Petticoat Parlour in Green Point.

Last Thursday night I had the pleasure of attending the opening of the Petticoat Parlour, the event was put together by the fabulous owner Wendy Chait and Cape Town’s own party liaison Marina Nestel of Little Black book.

The evening was uncharacteristically warm for the time of year, beautiful swing music could be heard from the bottom of the staircase that was fitted out with a white carpet specially for the event. At the top of the stairs we were welcomed by the hostesses, all dolled up with long lashes and pretty red lipstick.

The event was well attended by the Cape Town social royalty, guests included the gorgeous Cowley sisters as well as Kitty Spencer and our very own beautiful Genevieve Morton all dressed to the nines.

The treatment rooms were open and the beauticians on hand to answer questions about treatments, while guests casually wandered around the Parlour with glasses of Champagne and pink Lemonade, snacking on miniature cupcakes. The lovely makeup artist Renee De Sambento was also at the party, but not so much to socialise as to do make up demonstrations and as the evening progressed more and more red pouts could be spotted courtesy of her steady hand.

I loved the interior of the shop, the 1950’s pin up girls on the walls, the black and white tiles and the coffee bar that has been set up with a black smeg fridge as well as a New York style pedicure bar in Bright Pink.

Renee De Sambento, Marina Nestel, Wendy Chait

At the end of the night we were given the cutest goodie bags filled with Dermalogica and Guinot products, a very sexy pair of black knickers, a suede leather bracelet, box of addictive Toffifee and a 20% discount on a treatment from the Parlour.

I am looking forward to booking a relaxing pedi and sipping on a soda!

Myself and Genevieve Morton

***Please note Petticoat Parlour offers an opening special: Book any massage or facial to the value of ZAR 400.00 and receive a complimentary mini manicure For more information about Petticoat Parlour or for bookings please contact: Wendy Chait 021 434-9484 or visit


Today, Friday 3 June 2011 the Powerball lottery could be won… and ZAR 100,000 000.00 is up for grabs. I am going to play the Powerball and win some money… I don’t really need the whole 100,000 000.00 but I wouldn’t say no if they gave it to me…. So if I won this lumpy sum of cold hard cash, I would do many many things… like buy a blow up pool, fill it up with R100 notes and swim in it wearing a gold bikini, I would buy all my best friends tennis bracelets. Yes there will also be a racing horse and a yacht in the mix, some property and some travels. A car or two and some shares in big companies. Obviously some of it would go to charity and my family and friends. I also have always wanted a pet penguin, and wold therefore need my own private beach.

On the other hand, if I don’t win tonight, I am going to fill up a bathtub with Monopoly money and pretend.


I absolutely LOVE this track, but you know how sometimes when you see something and it changes your perspective on that thing/person/song…  like when you see Adele for the first time, after listening to her forever… This track used to have a kind of sad undertone to it, but now it reminds me of some of the people at Trance parties and Balkanology, and I giggle to myself when I hear it!