UNHATE… What a wonderful world it would be.

I was lying on my bed last night with a tub of Nuttella, not really paying attention to the Afrikaans news, as one does, when suddenly an image of two men kissing caught my attention. Living in Cape Town, that is not an unusual sight, so that is not really what caught my attention, the two men however did… There, all over the screen was an image of the US President Barak Obama kissing Hu Jintao, the Paramount Leader of the People’s Republic of China.

The news reader was talking about the new, super controversial advertising campaign by United Colors of Benetton, known for their stirring campaigns.

The opening quote of a press release from 16 November starts with the words “Hatred is never appeased by hatred in this world. By non-hatred alone is hatred appeased.” from the Sutta Pitaka. The Basket of Suttas, Sutta Pitaka, contains over 10,000 suttas (teachings) of the Buddha or in some cases, his most authoritative disciples. I think this quote describes best what we should all try to focus on, from getting angry in traffic right through to our religious and political persuasions.

With its new worldwide communication campaign United Colors of Benetton invites the leaders and citizens of the world to combat the “culture of hatred” by creating the UNHATE Foundation.

Here are some more of these hilarious, thought provoking images they are using in their campaign.

President of the Palestinian National Authority – Prime Minister of Israel

Chancellor of Germany – President of France.

I would have to say, tongue in cheek of course, that the above image is not completely implausible…

President of the USA – President of Venezuela

Supreme Leader of North Korea – President of South Korea

And then the last one, I think is quite funny…

Pulling new tricks out the bag…

On a chilly November Morning four girls spilled into a car and drove far far away to the wine lands. Not to go drink wine, but to sew…



We arrived at the Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion Design to be greeted by a charming man in red shoes. I asked if I should bring a jersey or if it was warm inside and Derek answered “No need for the jersey, today you’re going to work till you’re hot” so we followed him into the building and up the stairs, and I started wondering what I’d gotten myself into.

The room had about 20 working stations set up with industrial sewing machines and here and there a steam iron and plastic water can, was suspended from the ceiling resembling a drip in a hospital.

Some of the students from the academy where there to help us, they had already cut out the material we would need to make the bags and assembled a pile of pretty ribbons that we could use to make our bags unique and more personal.

About an hour later we had all started creating our very own beach tote. I chose beige and navy for my bag, and decided that I would like a simple pleat in the front. With help from Mihke Henn, my own personal, extremely patient 3rd year student, I managed to make my very own bag.

Mihke working with my bag

The experience made me feel very handy and I am now considering buying a sewing machine to make simple slip dresses and other odds and ends.

The Elizabeth Galloway Academy offers a couple of programs for aspiring designers or fashion enthusiast to hone some new skills or create a career in Fashion.

It was a wonderful experience to create something useful from scratch and I am looking forward to another day of instruction… I’ve heard talk of pleated skirts.

Remember remember the month of Movember

“How this year has flownI can’t believe it is this time of year again.” So begin countless conversations in this, the penultimate month of the year.

With merely 53 days to go before Christmas, people fervently start making arrangements for holidays, office parties and gift shopping, whilst thoughts of fitting into bikinis for the December holidays begin flooding the imagination…

Movember or the month formerly known as November is also when men grow their moustaches for 30 days to raise awareness and funds to help find a cure for prostate and testicular cancer. Many companies and individuals have pledged their support to this worthy cause and there are even applications to make this process fun and easy.

The evly “Mo or No” Facebook app allows any organization with a fan page on Facebook to quickly and easily launch their own mini challenge for their community to get involved in promoting men’s health. With one click, the evly app is added as a tab on the sidebar of any fan page on Facebook.

Once installed, users who are growing ‘staches can upload a picture of themselves each week as their “Mo’s” develop (morph into creatures with minds of their own) and then it’s up to the mo-owner to get people to vote on their “Mo’s” to be rated that organisations MAIN MO!

Check out this app for CREATIVE in-house competitiveness http://moorno.evly.com/

My own beau has decided to Mo it this year, and I will be cheering him on from the sidelines, albeit cringingly as he will in my opinion start resembling Tom Selleck within approximately two weeks time, which in itself is not all that bad, in a weird 80’s kind of way… however I might cut him off in the kissing department until such time as he looks like himself again – I have no desire to have a kissing rash!

Please go check out his mo – page http://za.movember.com/mospace/1798976/ to donate some cash if you feel so inclined or simply to point and laugh or compare Mo’s.