The limited edition June Stuttafords GlossyBox and the veil of mystery

The orders for the May box have closed, and so we move on to the June Box, to us the June box is MUCH anticipated! We have know about this pairing since March and it has taken so much willpower not to shout this out to everyone I know. Make no mistake… every GlossyBox is special, and a lot of thought goes into every box.

I’m going to give you guys a quick recap of my personal favourites so far:

In February – our first box, there was a stunning Nesti Dante soap, the soap was not well received however I don’t think anyone realised how special the soap was. I was also introduced to a brand that I had never heard of before – Beaute Pacifique, we received a Metamorphique night cream, this product has become a staple, it’s helluva expensive, but its worth it.

In March my favourite product was the Anesi C3, I had to do extensive reading on this product to understand how it works and why… I could not help but marvel at the scientific advances in beauty.

In April, I would have to say that the Clarins botanical serum was amazing, I have bought a full size product and I love it because of the smell and the texture of my skin.

Now I know I’m not supposed to be telling you because you haven’t received the May box yet… but I suppose I can drop you a little hint… Truth is, it’s a tie between Aqua Mask and Moisturiser. More than that, I can not say.

And then we get to the breathtakingly stunning June GlossyBox, it’s a dream box girls, no other box in South Africa has put such amazing brands together in one box. Admittedly Ruby box did the collection box, but this is less than half the price… no contest. (And I’ll have you know, I bought that box, and I loved it and I didn’t mind paying extra for it)

The box has one of my favourite “instant-confidence” boosters in there, beautiful colours, invigorating fragrances, hard working beauty products, expensive luxury miniatures manufactured especially for the Stuttafords GlossyBox.

The limited edition is marked with special packaging and the girls are all working their bums off to make sure that there are no delays with this box, I have placed an order for five of these boxes… If I could put aside more cash for it I would, it’s THAT special, it’s THAT awesome.

To win a GlossyBox (Not the June one) you need to tell me what your favourite product was in the past boxes, and WHY? You also need to be following me & GlossyBox on facebook and twitter. Good Luck ladies!

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12 thoughts on “The limited edition June Stuttafords GlossyBox and the veil of mystery

  1. My favourite was the Clarins serum from the April box. I LOVE Clarins products so to recieve this in my glossybox made my heart jump. Can’t wait for my june box;)

  2. Without a doubt the Burberry Body perfume! I think it was in the March box and it was the perfect perfume for me. Already ordered my May and June boxes so am excited to see what is in those 🙂

    Following on Twitter @Onestiletto
    Liked on Facebook under One Stiletto At A Time

  3. Absolutely loved the carita cotton mask. I have very senstive skin that is prone to eczema flare ups so this was great for soothing my skin. Not sure why people didn’t love the Nesti soap. I loved it. It had such an amazing fresh smell. I am anxiously awaiting my May and June boxes. Can’t wait!

    I follow you on twitter as @samiola_88. Have liked you on facebook as well.


  4. I loved the L’Occitane hand cream in the February box. Have bought the full size tube to keep in my bag at all times!

  5. My favorite was the Carita Cotton Mask.Its so gentle and kind on my sensitive skin which can easily get irritated.Looking forward to the June Glossybox thats paired with Stuttafords.

  6. already completed and followed everywhere b4 the comp! 🙂 my favourite item was the 4flava ring in last month’s box because the ring looked so amazing and fashionable and out of all the 3 boxes i’ve subscribed to i have never recieved any jewelery items so it was something new and different! showing glossy box really stands out from the rest! 🙂

  7. Hi, cool blog 🙂 Last month I ordered & received my first GlossyBox; I loved all the products it contained; my favourite product was the Salon Care Collagen Cream because it smells absolutely amazing & it gives my face a healthy glow. I already follow you on facebook & twitter (Ruweida786).

  8. Loved the L’Occitane hand cream. It smells divine and is easily absorbed. Another of my favourites was the carita cotton mask. So soothing for sensitive skin. Follow you on twitter as @iamlari12

  9. My favourite item from the boxes has to be the L’OCCITANE shea butter handcream. I had heard about L’Occitane’s famous hand creams and wanted to try it for AGES, so when I opened up the first Glossybox I was over the moon and hooked on the box. That is why I haven’t missed a box since the launch. If I win a box I’ll be giving it to my Mom 😀

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