a little bit about myself

Welcome to flickery… This is mostly a personal blog.

I live in a city called Cape Town, right at the tippy tip of Africa, and I love Cape Town; it is one of thee most wonderful cities in the world, I have been told by people from all over the globe.

I write. I’m a lithe Capetonian blonde. I don’t do wayfarers or ugly haircuts to express my individuality. I’m a hybrid. I like whiskey, old stuff, fast cars & shoes. I am a silly woman with strong opinions and expensive taste.

The purpose of this blog is for my entertainment and to keep all the things I love and think are awesome together in one place. I may ramble on; there will be simple truths, blatant denial, barefaced hope, doltish humour and crackerjack observation.

If you like it, tell me. If you don’t, I don’t care because you probably have no sense of humour and need a drink.

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12 thoughts on “a little bit about myself

  1. three little birds…… gotta be the best way to start a day were are going to share our hearts, our lightness smile and creativity – yes each day a bit of creative crazy talking, painting, writing cooking is what makes it worthwhile – strappare un sorriso we say in italian – to snatch a smile

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