I have to admit that I am obsessed with online shopping, I might in fact appear to have a gigantic slight problem if one were to go and nitpick at my bank statements.

There is a certain excitement that only online shopping can provide – let me lead you through the process, backwards…

There you are, you gorgeous thing you, sitting at your desk, bored and agitated and continuously glancing at the big office clock with its roman numerals. The office doorbell buzzes and you are first off your seat, the sound of your heels running down the passage way to greet whoever or whatever waits at the door.

It’s FedEx, and you are smiling and swooning (your colleagues think you are one sandwich short of a picnic and the delivery guy thinks it’s his lucky day) you sign the delivery note, your signature barely resembling its true self and you greedily grab the box and make a bee line towards the kitchen to find something sharp.

With the agility of a surgeon and the speed of Kimi Raikonen, you deftly cut away all the tape that is securing the contents of the box and just before you open the box you draw a big breath and hold it while you undo the folds.

There it is, you have been waiting for two whole days, which felt like weeks and finally your gorgeous dress/shoes/bag/beautybox/iPad/book is here, sigh.

What happened before this moment may seem insignificant in light of the actually delivery, but as we all know (from Rocky Horror Picture show) it’s all about the an..tici…..Pation!

From the moment you start scouring your website of choice, you are searching for that one item, that one gift from you – to you! And even though you are the one choosing it, there is still a strange element of surprise: will it fit properly, will the size be right, and will the colour suit me? It’s all a bit of a gamble, but that is what makes it so much fun!

South African’s have been twice shy about shopping online, and who can blame us with all the banking fraud and other online money scams doing their rounds – But it’s time to put your fears aside, because there are excellent measures and payment options in place that will make online shopping safer than going to a store, and most shops have a free return policy, so there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

So I promised you 10 reasons to shop on line – here they are:

1. 36 boutiques

For rings and bags and gorgeous fashion, 36 is amazing, they deliver on average within 48 hours and the package that arrives is just a treat in itself, its smells beautiful and comes with a stunning carry bag.

2. Pretty Please

Pretty Please has gorgeous skirts, tops and dresses. Their packages arrive in a beautiful black box along with a very special hanger for the item you bought.

3. Shop Label

Shop Label is delish, however a bit on the expensive side. Great for jackets and scarves and gorgeous jeans.

4. GlossyBox

GlossyBox is the premier South African beauty box, you subscribe and presto – every month you receive a gorgeous box of beauty treats to try out at home.

5. I candy 

I Candy is a candy bowl of fun costume jewellery, the pieces make perfect gifts.

6. Zando

Zando is like an online fashion department store, they have everything from heels to jeans.

7. Woolworths

The comfort food of online shopping, you know it, you trust it, you buy it. You can even get your hands on some County Road online – and they currently have a sale on benefit items (Since Benefit is closing in South Africa)

8. Mr Price

The newest kid on the online shopping block, and we are already hearing positive reviews from satisfied customers.

9. 5 rooms

Home shopping porn, online.

10. Lingerie Letters

Another great idea, a surprise pair of knickers for every year of the month – I say why not!

BONUS:  Bloomingdales also ships to South Africa now, and there are a couple of items on my wish list

Shashi Rachel Rose Quartz Gemstone Bracelet

Boutique 9 Platform Pumps – Nosey Rhinestone

The limited edition June Stuttafords GlossyBox and the veil of mystery

The orders for the May box have closed, and so we move on to the June Box, to us the June box is MUCH anticipated! We have know about this pairing since March and it has taken so much willpower not to shout this out to everyone I know. Make no mistake… every GlossyBox is special, and a lot of thought goes into every box.

I’m going to give you guys a quick recap of my personal favourites so far:

In February – our first box, there was a stunning Nesti Dante soap, the soap was not well received however I don’t think anyone realised how special the soap was. I was also introduced to a brand that I had never heard of before – Beaute Pacifique, we received a Metamorphique night cream, this product has become a staple, it’s helluva expensive, but its worth it.

In March my favourite product was the Anesi C3, I had to do extensive reading on this product to understand how it works and why… I could not help but marvel at the scientific advances in beauty.

In April, I would have to say that the Clarins botanical serum was amazing, I have bought a full size product and I love it because of the smell and the texture of my skin.

Now I know I’m not supposed to be telling you because you haven’t received the May box yet… but I suppose I can drop you a little hint… Truth is, it’s a tie between Aqua Mask and Moisturiser. More than that, I can not say.

And then we get to the breathtakingly stunning June GlossyBox, it’s a dream box girls, no other box in South Africa has put such amazing brands together in one box. Admittedly Ruby box did the collection box, but this is less than half the price… no contest. (And I’ll have you know, I bought that box, and I loved it and I didn’t mind paying extra for it)

The box has one of my favourite “instant-confidence” boosters in there, beautiful colours, invigorating fragrances, hard working beauty products, expensive luxury miniatures manufactured especially for the Stuttafords GlossyBox.

The limited edition is marked with special packaging and the girls are all working their bums off to make sure that there are no delays with this box, I have placed an order for five of these boxes… If I could put aside more cash for it I would, it’s THAT special, it’s THAT awesome.

To win a GlossyBox (Not the June one) you need to tell me what your favourite product was in the past boxes, and WHY? You also need to be following me & GlossyBox on facebook and twitter. Good Luck ladies!

Time waits for no man

It has literary taken me forEVER to get myself set up on Facebook (for Flickery) and now also Pinterest, alas it is done! And now I can breathe a sigh of relief… It has been the craziest year and I have met the most amazing and inspirational people, so one or two more platforms to document my human journey will be very welcome.

If you feel so inclined please visit my facebook page and “like” it if you do in fact like it, if it sucks – you can tell me, but I might not necessarily give a crap… If anyone has advice about pintrest or youtube… I’m all ears.

Here is my facebook & here is my PinterestHoray!

An April Fool for Beauty!

Hello lovelies!

I can hardly believe that we are sitting in the month of April… So many exciting things happening this month, so many public holidays, family gatherings and even a wedding!

Yesterday was April first and keeping in the spirit of foolishness and fun, I have decided that we could all do with a laugh… Girls, get your make up bags ready!

One lucky and obviously ridiculously funny peep stands the chance of winning a GlossyBox courtesy of moi! Yes, thats right – Make a fool of yourself in the name of beauty and you could win a GlossyBox.

Be creative, torture your boyfriends, your pets, even your kids or colleagues by creating a STUNNING “New look” for them (or you) – It’s simple, the funniest photo wins!

Mail your images to celest.lotter@glossybox.co.za #BOOM Let’s have some fun!


Rock an’ Rolla

So a whole month has flown by, the first month of the year is gone! On 3 January 2012 I started working for a company called Glossybox.co.za, I am the Social Media and Content executive for Glossybox South Africa and man oh man, am I proud of myself. Yes, I do know that it’s uncouth to blow your own horn, but in this instance I simply can’t help it.

I have spent the last three years trying to find my vocation, this deep, unyielding search for what and who and where I am. Only to find, what I was looking for was literally right at my fingertips all along. Well didn’t I just feel like the boy in the Alchemist…

So this is what it feels like to love what you do, to have your mind occupied the whole day and night not with thoughts about how much you hate your office or what a douche bag your boss is, but about the subject that you are working with.

While doing what I love is most definitely the best thing about the job, there are certainly a whole wheelbarrow of extra little bonuses; I get to try all the beauty products I have to write about, I am gonna be darn purdy when I am done at this job, it will be as if I was working in a time capsule. If I ever leave glossybox, I’ll walk out of here and look three years younger than the day I started here.

Another fantastic thing about my job is the people, and while there have always been wonderful colleagues in the various offices I have worked for, I now work in an all-girls office – This a great fun, we talk about beauty, we strategise, we talk about religion, food, exercise, gossip, shoes and of course men. (I still think we talk about men more than men talk about us)

My office and the women around me give me the material and inspiration I need, I gain perspective from the various personalities in my office and I learn something new every single day.



Today, Friday 3 June 2011 the Powerball lottery could be won… and ZAR 100,000 000.00 is up for grabs. I am going to play the Powerball and win some money… I don’t really need the whole 100,000 000.00 but I wouldn’t say no if they gave it to me…. So if I won this lumpy sum of cold hard cash, I would do many many things… like buy a blow up pool, fill it up with R100 notes and swim in it wearing a gold bikini, I would buy all my best friends tennis bracelets. Yes there will also be a racing horse and a yacht in the mix, some property and some travels. A car or two and some shares in big companies. Obviously some of it would go to charity and my family and friends. I also have always wanted a pet penguin, and wold therefore need my own private beach.

On the other hand, if I don’t win tonight, I am going to fill up a bathtub with Monopoly money and pretend.


Welcome to the club…

Welcome to the club… So last night I was at a party, standing about with a glass of wine, as one does chatting about men and women, wrinkles and fillers, cycling and models. We were on to a chat about gentlemen’s clubs with separate entrances for women… One of the fellas involved in this conversation, noted that “women don’t really have that kind of thing, do they?” Just to clarify – I am not referring to a sleazy strip club vibe (Not that there isn’t a time and place for those – like my 26th birthday last year… for another time) I am talking about a gentlemen’s club as in an old boys club of sorts where men can go and be without women, talk about cigars and cars and playstation and women and horses.

The definition for this I stole from Wikipedia – “A gentlemen’s club is a members-only private club of a type originally set up by and for English upper class men in the eighteenth century, and popularised by English upper-middle class men and women in the late nineteenth century. Today, some are more open about the gender and social status of members. Many countries outside the United Kingdom have prominent gentlemen’s clubs.” Supposedly we have some existing gentlemen’s clubs in Cape Town, which I have never even heard of (Probably because I’m not a man)… The Cape Town Club and the Owl Club, however as far as I know there are no such equivalents for ladies in Cape Town… The only thing that’s exclusive to us is f- ing ladies only gym memberships…

This brings me to the next best, closest thing I could find… and no it’s not a self arranged wine I mean, book – club. It is a shop, yes you could have guessed that women would place a membership on something like a clothing store. But this is not just any old shop, it’s not in a mall, and you can’t just go there and browse… Oh no friends… you need a golden ticket, well a plastic silver card actually, and to get a pretty silver card… you need to be invited – or you can beg by means of application. I was lucky enough to attend the first opening… but not the second, which was widely blogged about and everyone who went made a whole big thing about it and at the time, I had no idea that this whole story was by invitation only – the shopping bit I mean.

All right… I have been keeping you in suspense for long enough. This members-only fashion shrine is called “The only one” House of Fashion – The name is a little “Sally-Spectra/Foresters-Creations” sounding, but thankfully the atmosphere inside has nothing to do with soaps, drama yes but no soap. There are beautiful pieces, gorgeous dresses, and the best part about this whole private members only dress shop is that every outfit you pick, gets tailored to fit your body like a glove, and as if it couldn’t get any better – there is only one of every item.

So as per their website, this is what this card gets you:

 Private one on one pre booked shopping sessions with the Only One fashion stylist. However on the odd occasion when a member needs that emergency number the Only One fashion stylist is a call away.

 Each member receives a private pin code to log onto the Only One website for private reviews of the ranges.

 Members will also receive invitations on occasion to come in and view new ranges.

 The club also has a fashion stylist that will assist the member in the garment selections they make.

I have just completed my application form… Will let you know if it’s all it’s cracked up to be. http://houseoffashion.co.za/

A short tale of Dexterous Shoe shopping and nefarious little shop assistants

In Search of Objectivity.

Perhaps there is a lot to be said for the whole “grass being greener on the other side because there’s just more shit” vibe… I can after this weekend totally understand that…

While in the peaceful land of not relationship I was merrily wandering around, as if in a shoe shop, trying on a pair here and there. I had managed to pick up a particularly nice pair of velveteen peep toes in soft brilliant black.

Not quite ready to pay for these shoes, I didn’t want to put them back either in the event that I will be purchasing them later on. I actually wanted them I just had to get some advise, to see if they are practical and not just an extravagance that I would later on regret.

Whilst the majority of my faithful crew of CTB’S and CTCB’s already bought shoes, and some were trying on their own pairs, I failed to find a friend to consult… thus I moved on to the next best thing… that being a shop assistant. (A shop assistant, in this case is an acquaintance relevant to the thing or person you want or want information about) But heed my warning ladies, as a shop assistant is always there to benefit from any deal she makes, whether it be in your favour or not…

I put on the black velveteen peeps and stood in front of the mirror “How do they make my calves look?” I asked “Oh great, are they comfortable?”

“I guess” I said.

She stood behind me with her index finger on her mouth and one eyebrow raised.

“What?” I said

“I can’t place it. It’s just… no, they’re fine. You like them so it’s fine.” She purred.

“No seriously, what’s wrong, I do like them, but I haven’t bought them. They are comfortable but if they seem wrong, tell me!” I said, now standing with one shoe in my hand the other still on and turning from back to front, to see if I can spot the “I don’t know so much” that she is talking about.

Finally I think I see it “Oh, you don’t think they are too high? I haven’t worn such high heels for ages.” I croon, in hope for some solid, exact advice.

“Yes well I don’t want to put you off, but lots of ladies have bought them, I just think you should have something better, you know – more you.”

I take the other shoe off and reluctantly make to put them back into their box.

Just then, one of the CTB’s on my own team spot this move, and come gliding to my rescue…

“Sweet, they are so nice, why you taking them off? And that face?… get them, they are perfect.”

She ushers me to the payment counter, and looks on expectantly while I fish in my bag for my wallet. The helpful shop assistant behind the counter opens the box to check that it’s the correct pair. “Aaahh, these are so great! And it’s the last 39 we had left. I Was rather hoping no one would buy them.” She smiles “You know, I wanted to get them at the end of the month.”

With this, I glance back at the lanky blonde sales assistant that was helping me, she half smiles then turns around to put other tried on shoes back into their boxes.

Fucking bitch, I think to myself… Then I remember seeing her out, it dawns on me – she is in fact just another want to be CTB, only she works in the shoe shop during the day times…

Heed my warning friends, shoe shopping, like ATM (boyfriend) shopping is a dangerous business. Everyone wants that pair of shoes or that gorgeous man you have on your arm, and you do have fabulous taste after all.

Cleverer me.

Although it was very nice of wordpress to announce my birth for me, I thought it would be only right to do it myself, now forgive me, because I’m still figuring out how all my new flippers work, so there might be a few (actually a couple) of worms in my proverbial wood work.

How super fun is this?! It’s quite weird… feels like I’m talking to myself, not that that’s new.

So I think I have me covered in the “about me” section, well not completely I’m sure there is something hanging out, hee hee!

It feels like I’m in a big empty house, and i have the space all to myself and i’m playing echo… echo…echo…

Now i have been told that on the whole blog thing you are supposed to write all the things you wouldn’t say and be all the things you really are, but just cant be in real life, now im not too sure i’ll be living up to the suppressed standard, but I can promise you, i will always be honest with you (ha ha obama rama – loved that speech man)

so this is the living room, and through that door is the kitchen. or something like that, and so starts the virtual tour of me in writing. who knows who will find me, or what i’ll find. yeay!