The Bobby pin monster

On a morning where summer was supposed to be, the wind was whipping my hair across my face as I stood on the balcony trying to see the sea.

The sea had plans of staying in grey and melting into the sky which was grey too. My eyes were grey, to match my heart and some of the thoughts whipping with my hair, causing a sting that the hair alone would not have accomplished.

What does one wear on days such as these, my best suit of armour was in the wash, and I really just wanted to stay in my pyjamas.

After some tea and some bath, the negotiations start… “I’ll give you one sock for two bobby pins, bobby pin monster.” “What will I do with one sock…? I have many of each pair and you have no need for socks this morning, I say two bobby pins are more valuable than one sock”

“Then, I offer you six tears of frustration”

“I have no need for tears of frustration, I am not negotiating with anyone who will pity me, give me tears of joy, for those I have much need, to bathe in those would curl my toes.. And curly toes I need”