Lana Del Rey Angus & Julia Stone Hannah Cohen

Its been a while since I found an artist with an album that I could really listen to… I love Sheryl Crow, Tracey Chapman, Miles Davis, Bob Dylan… I could carry on. I like to sit with an album, drink wine and think about life, lie in the bath with a whiskey, play cards with my friends and make tea… In all of these scenes from all the times of my life I remember music. Not to mention endless summer days in Mozambique with Cafe del mar volume 6… My life has a soundtrack, my soundtrack is even better than Garden state, and THAT was an awesome soundtrack.

I’ve discovered some songs I really love, as they make me feel all calm, and I can think and smile and remember and forget. So I would like to share them with you, and I hope they make you feel something too.

Lana Del Rey – Video Games

Angus & Julia Stone – Paper Aeroplane

Hanna Cohen – Child Bride *** This Video is AMAZING

Please let me know what you thoughts of these… x


Today, Friday 3 June 2011 the Powerball lottery could be won… and ZAR 100,000 000.00 is up for grabs. I am going to play the Powerball and win some money… I don’t really need the whole 100,000 000.00 but I wouldn’t say no if they gave it to me…. So if I won this lumpy sum of cold hard cash, I would do many many things… like buy a blow up pool, fill it up with R100 notes and swim in it wearing a gold bikini, I would buy all my best friends tennis bracelets. Yes there will also be a racing horse and a yacht in the mix, some property and some travels. A car or two and some shares in big companies. Obviously some of it would go to charity and my family and friends. I also have always wanted a pet penguin, and wold therefore need my own private beach.

On the other hand, if I don’t win tonight, I am going to fill up a bathtub with Monopoly money and pretend.

The Risotto of Dreams

I have cooked this Risotto many many times, I can do it with my eyes closed. It is fantastic to cook this socially. Many many nights have passed in my Kitchen with all of the girls sitting on counter tops playing cards and drinking wine, while we take turns to stir the risotto of dreams talking about our loves and lives.

You need:

Proper Risotto Rice (Arborio) I know it’s tempting, but don’t buy the cheap stuff. 2 – 4 Packets of mushrooms… Get all kinds of weird ones, because it makes the texture yummy.
Find a bottle of white wine – don’t cook with wine you wouldn’t drink.
Then you need stock – vegetable or chicken (I prefer the chicken)
You need one or two onions, some garlic (yes SOME, you can decide how much but SOME)
A little bit of fresh Chilli
Creme fraice / Mascarpone
Olive oil, tiny bit of truffle oil if you have. (Or even truffle shavings if you can get your hands on some)

Okay so first things first – Pour yourself a nice big glass of wine and put on some 80’s music.

You have to make this in a large deep pot, with a big surface area, because you will be doing lots of stirring. You start by chopping the onions very finely, fry that up in a bit of olive oil… crush some garlic (one or two cloves) and add that – watch the garlic, it burns quickly.

Then you want to start the risotto… however much you are making (look on the back of the box)

Start adding it to the Onions and garlic… Sprinkle it over evenly and stir… add add add until all the grains have come into contact with the oil.

Slowly start adding your stock… if you have cooked risotto before  you know the drill. Pour a cup of stock, and stir it in until it’s gone, repeat until all the stock is used. You can never use too much stock, don’t be scarred it is supposed to take this long. You need at least two hours for this whole story, so make some time – don’t rush it.

In a separate pan you want to start frying up the shrooms in some butter (very little butter) tiny bit of truffle oil and olive oil – once that is done just keep it until the risotto is almost cooked. Add the mushrooms towards the end.

You will need to use almost a bottle of wine – the longer it cooks the better.
At the very end when it looks like it’s done, add the Creme fraice… if you want, you can add some Parmesan shavings to make it sticky and thick.

The rest of the Chilli’s you can keep aside, yum yum… chop them up and put them in some olive oil with little bit of salt and a little bit of sugar – keep them in the fridge over night.

And if you struggle with any of this – mail me. I’ll talk you through the parts that I may have left out, but I think I have everything down…

Oh no, wait, you also need some fresh rocket – just to serve, but it makes it very yummy.

Hope it turns out like a dream!

A moment alone, a dream, a lie.

Driving, thats what you do in Joburg. You drive and drive and drive. Drive from the airport, drive to Woolworths, Drive yourself to work harder, drive someone insane. Most of these thoughts occurred to me while being ushered around in a brilliant black VW Beetle.

The shining cimmerian princess and the stock broker frisking the dirty streets of Joburg for proper company. As the world swam by in a rush of colour, it felt like watching a fast moving film reel really close up, while Florance and the machines were castigating our ears and minds we drove and drove.

I was Lounging with my feet up on the seat, I leaned back to reach for the forlorn box of marlboro’s that had spilled from the mess that resembled my handbag. I fumbled cigarette and lighter, my hands shaking in testimony of the night before. That first double drag of a cigarette is always the best, like kissing someone for the first time.

The billowing smoke was causing a haze, I quickly wound my window down, the passing scene sucked the haze out the car to reveal yet again the passing Jo-scape. The cimmerian lit a sin, and the smell filled my body like water rising all the way up to my eyeballs. I read “Sms “BOOBS” to 34573 to win a set of INCREDIBLE ASSETS” , the add on the lamp post spoke to me in a male infomercial voice in my head. Win boobs, really? Jesus…

Every city block we passed seemed to have a suit or wedding dress hire shop embedded somewhere in its structure. We came to a stop at a red robot, I took a long drag, the sin burning in my chest the smoke curling around my fingers like a fast growing creeper. The wedding dress in the shop window came to life, doing a turn and curtsying to me then returning to her original stance.

Who would hire a wedding dress, I was wondering. Why would you hire a wedding dress? – Well the blatant reason would be to wear it to your wedding. Just then I started thinking about that dress as the person wearing it, hired for a special day, perhaps some part of a life time. Giving your best years to one, just to be returned, perhaps rehired in the future. Every time the dress gets tailored to fit the new bride, the next bride… One does that,  gets tailored, over and over again till you cant remember what you originally looked like.

My cigarette was almost finished, I could feel the heat closer to my lips every time I took drag. I hate the last part of a cigarette, I dislike the taste of it, hot and almost desperate. I brought the cigarette to my face, and looked at it for a moment, then to my mouth, I hesitated just then. I didn’t feel like it, but I want the smoke, it is disgusting….

Later that night we found ourselves at Steve Aoki in some warehouse in New Town, it reminded me of Harrington street… The loud music was electric, besides from the Lion King intro mind you.

The cimmerian was dancing, some guy next to her, clearly trying to impress her by dancing like a dead body with it’s last fits of life. Shaking my head and smiling to myself, I walked over to advise my client against any investment in such a poor commodity. The tequila had started doing it’s job, and I was feeling oddly mean.

I strategically put my dancing in between her and death, but he was to persist. It made me wonder, we would never make ourselves seem so foolish, and then it dawned on me that this guy was taking such a chance, and he didn’t care to seem foolish, I considered the prize if his investment payed out, very brave.

I remembered the last time I took a risk, the last time something went right… to be gazed upon in such a way, to feel like the sun glows from your skin at a touch. In that happy thought, I was suddenly shocked back into the present, back to the cynical me, when some tart dropped a bottle of vodka on the floor next to me, the alcohol burning disinfectantly in a little cut from one of the shards. Thank god, I thought, because for a moment there I could feel my heart beating.

Daisy was a rollin’ stone

Do not be fooled by the innocent organic image you have in your mind when you think of a festival called “Rocking the Daisies”.

It was one of those where years from now, people will reminisce “Remember Rocking the Daisies 2009?” many will claim that they were there, and those that were will merely share a knowing look.

Now I’m not an avid fan of the South African (English) rock scene, but they’re not half bad.

We arrived Saturday afternoon, the festival runs the entire weekend, so we pretty much arrived amid daisies in full swing. All you could see after all the cars, where tents, a mess of people, a dam and a stage. A multitude of sights, sounds and smells.

We finnaly fount a spot to set up camp, a ten minute argument about not only the exact placement of the tent but also the direction of the door, caused my loss of interest, I was in no mood, so I made myself at home.

Lying on my bag, gazing at the expanse of blue skies above me,  the girls persisted. Before long a couple of guys from across the demarcated walk way decided that although it was really amusing to watch our attempt at pitching the tent, it would be more manly to do it for us.

With the tent up and all the admin sorted, the time had come to seek our next adventure! We found our crew next to the dam. Naked swimming man, dirty people using blow up pools for boats.Hmmmm… It didn’t take long before we where bikini clad, tanning and making hazardous wine-Redbull concoctions, catching up and debating worlds end at 2012.

The wind picked up and we headed back to pull on some jeans and grab warm tops. I was amazed by the diversity of people that come to an event like this, emo kids, old people, young people, the cool kids and the hippies. I’m not a hippie, I do not spend weekends showering in temporary showers, eating my tofu. I can stay a night, two max, and then I need to at least pee in a cleanish kinda place, I had to get over that idea really quickly…

After hours of jumping around in the electro tent, I was dirty, drunk and stoned. We left in search of food, instead we found a temporary tatoo parlour…Still hungry we where aimlessly wandering around talking the biggest load of… world philosophy, to anyone who would listen. Eventually, we where super exhausted, and I could not go another hour without food, so we went back to out tent.

Sleep would not come, someone stole the night, the morning came, and we left. Dirty and finished but oddly mirthful.celphone 009