The McConaughey debate

Now, as with many delicious things, the name is hard to pronounce and people say it in different ways, there is the way I say it “Mac-con-nah- hay” (The right way) or the way my misguided friend says it “mac-gonna -hey” or you also get  “me-gonna -hue” and “Mac-coughney-hey” (The worst by far).  But as the saying goes, a rose by any (other) name would smell as sweet.

I watched the Lincoln Lawyer last night, our Matthew’s latest movie. He plays the role of a defence lawyer on a mission, his gangster lawyer swagger makes him sexy, but the movie has more to offer than just his pretty face… The plot is interesting and even old Ryan Phillippe (Whom I will admit I wanted to marry when I was 16, all because of cruel intentions) plays his part very well, and I for one hope to see him in more films in the future, kinda missed him… He is like the guy from Shakespeare in Love…. man, come on, his name was…. Joseph Fiennes.

However, I have digressed; we are talking about Matthew now. He has an excellent build, he really does have a nice body, and he does lots of sports so I assume he is naturally fit. While watching the film it occurred to me that he does not however have a generically handsome face, he has a rather odd mouth, but a gorgeous smile.

Upon closer inspection, he doesn’t have a specific facial feature that stands out, but it is the combination of his skin tone, nose and mouth, and his brow that make him perfect-looking.

My view has been strongly opposed by some of my friends, who simply think that he is nothing special, I must however point out that one of these girls think the Pete Doherty and Mick Jagger are to die for. Others prefer the more classic boring looking boys like Freddie Prince Jr or Michael Owen or Ronaldo… Myself I am more of a Johnny Depp kind of girl, and ashamed to admit perhaps even Nate or Chuck Bass. (But that’s because of the outfits in Gossip Girl)

Whatever your view is on Mr McConaughey’s physical appearance, no one can argue the fact that he has a feel-good factor going for him. He seems like a nice guy and he makes great romantic comedies and is very well paired with the beautiful Kate Hudson, my personal favourite with the two of them is Fool’s gold however how to lose a guy a 10 days was also very cute.

All in all I think he is pretty cute, then again, I think Jude Law is sexy, so who am I to judge (apparently)…

Check out the Trailer for Lincoln Lawyer