The mass suicide?

beachedwOver the last weekend over 55 pilot whales beached at kommetjie, close to cape point in Cape Town. Volunteers and the authorities tried to push some of the whales back into the ocean, but in the end over two dozen of them died on the beach and another 40 had to be shot.

Why do these beautiful ocean giants beach, surely not for a tan? I did a bit of reading and there are loads of reasons why they could, some reasons seem perfectly sane and others just a little crazy, but you can decide for yourself.

In natural conditions, it is simply a case of miscalculation, hunting to close to shore and maybe just not paying attention properly. Then there is gently sloping coastlines that somehow messes with their echolocation (their navigation system). Also radical changes in the earths magnetic field could have something to do with them being set so badly off course, it is said that these changes happen just before big earth quakes, apparently it even messes with the navigation system of birds… which ominously reminds me of the air France plane crash…

Shark warnings have been issued around false bay, and surfers have been asked to be careful when going out to sea. Its going to take a while for things to settle down in the ocean, seeing as with all the body fat on a whale, even in death it can retain close to it’s body temperature for up to three days.

As for the whales successfully pushed back out to sea, I’ve read that many of them get so depressed about the loss of their family that they just go back to shore to die anyway. They really are like people in some ways. It made me wonder about the state of things, what we take for granted, what will happen to us in our world while we are all so busy living… and then I haven’t even touched on the subject of the ufo that supposedly saved the planet millions of years ago, shew.