Balm Balm baloobam

Whap bam boo!

Balm Balm Little Miracle Rosehip serum, this is whats going to save my skin this winter. I received a hamper of Balm Balm products that I won in a twitter competition, I had seen this Balm Balm stuff everywhere, and everyone was talking about it so I was really excited to try it!

I received a lip balm, face balm and the Rosehip Serum, first off I really like the no-fuss packaging – No pretence just Balm Balm, in pastel pink, blue, yellow and green.  The products are 100% organic -which is a big plus, the carrier oils must be very good because the products are not sticky and my skin absorbed the product without leaving me looking like old chips.

The products smell really good, especially the Rosehip serum, however I must be completely honest and say that I am personally not a huge fan of the Rose Geranium scent, but I have never liked things that are rose scented, which is bizarre considering I am mad about the smell of fresh roses.

I was very surprised to read about the versatility of the balms, however I do recall my friend (and celebrity makeup artist) Eloise Dreyer mentioning that she swears by Serums and oils, and one look at the woman will confirm that she can’t be wrong. Balm Balm says that the lip balms can be used as moisturiser, cleanser, hair tamer and first aid!

My favourite product is the Rosehip Serum, with its convenient dropper – I now mix one drop of that with my foundation and moisturiser in the mornings it smells lovely and my skin feels soft without feeling sticky.

I fell in love with JAKLYN

I was wandering around in the V&A Waterfront yesterday afternoon, and I found a stunning pair of shoes… They are super comfortable and I am pretty sure you could run the two oceans in these – if you were so inclined. They price at ZAR 799.00 from Daniella Michelle at Zoom, not bad at all.

Winter is coming to Cape Town…

Winter is coming to Cape Town…

This may be slightly premature, but the rainy weather in the city today has made me realise that we are stepping closer to winter in Cape Town every day. It has been an interesting summer. I didn’t spend half as much time on the beach as I usually do. This is evident in that my “tan” has already started fading, and my summer glow is almost gone.

Nights are getting colder, the sun is setting slightly, but noticeably earlier. Another way of telling that winter is surely en route is by the migration of all who can afford to travel to warmer places. My friends have all (every single one of them) decided to go overseas this winter, I have New York, Spain, Vietnam, Turkey and Bali on the travel list of places to research slightly so I know where my buddies are hanging out, so I can “travel” with them.

I love hearing about all the adventures, or misadventures, shopping and restaurants, and I will be along for the ride inside a Black Berry or/and an Ipad or whatever, while cozy-ing it up in Cape Town. I am so looking forward to road trips to Hermanus, wine tasting in Stellenbosch and some serious yummy comfort food in Franschhoek.

For me, winter is a time to quiet down and reflect, review my goals and do some serious introspection. I am hoping to take up Hot Vinyassa at Jai and learn to cook Thai food… and then there is the French, I have been threatening to learn French for the past two years and have just never gotten around to it, now I just need to find a patient peep from France to sit down and teach moi.