Daisy was a rollin’ stone

Do not be fooled by the innocent organic image you have in your mind when you think of a festival called “Rocking the Daisies”.

It was one of those where years from now, people will reminisce “Remember Rocking the Daisies 2009?” many will claim that they were there, and those that were will merely share a knowing look.

Now I’m not an avid fan of the South African (English) rock scene, but they’re not half bad.

We arrived Saturday afternoon, the festival runs the entire weekend, so we pretty much arrived amid daisies in full swing. All you could see after all the cars, where tents, a mess of people, a dam and a stage. A multitude of sights, sounds and smells.

We finnaly fount a spot to set up camp, a ten minute argument about not only the exact placement of the tent but also the direction of the door, caused my loss of interest, I was in no mood, so I made myself at home.

Lying on my bag, gazing at the expanse of blue skies above me,  the girls persisted. Before long a couple of guys from across the demarcated walk way decided that although it was really amusing to watch our attempt at pitching the tent, it would be more manly to do it for us.

With the tent up and all the admin sorted, the time had come to seek our next adventure! We found our crew next to the dam. Naked swimming man, dirty people using blow up pools for boats.Hmmmm… It didn’t take long before we where bikini clad, tanning and making hazardous wine-Redbull concoctions, catching up and debating worlds end at 2012.

The wind picked up and we headed back to pull on some jeans and grab warm tops. I was amazed by the diversity of people that come to an event like this, emo kids, old people, young people, the cool kids and the hippies. I’m not a hippie, I do not spend weekends showering in temporary showers, eating my tofu. I can stay a night, two max, and then I need to at least pee in a cleanish kinda place, I had to get over that idea really quickly…

After hours of jumping around in the electro tent, I was dirty, drunk and stoned. We left in search of food, instead we found a temporary tatoo parlour…Still hungry we where aimlessly wandering around talking the biggest load of… world philosophy, to anyone who would listen. Eventually, we where super exhausted, and I could not go another hour without food, so we went back to out tent.

Sleep would not come, someone stole the night, the morning came, and we left. Dirty and finished but oddly mirthful.celphone 009